puppies1Currently planning a litter for the fall of 2023. Inquiries invited.

What you can expect when you get a WinSong sheltie puppy:


  • Vaccinations: Depending on the age of your puppy, it will have had at least one puppy vaccination. A health record will be given to you providing a listing of the shots and the dates they were given to your puppy.
  • Worming: The puppy will have received regular preventative deworming. The dates will be provided to you when the puppy was wormed.
  • Veterinarian Health Check: Each of our puppies are examined by a veterinarian before it goes to their new home.
  • puppy2Socialization: We spend a great deal of time socializing our puppies. From the moment they are born, the puppies are handled daily. As they grow, they are exposed to more areas of the house and as weather permits, the outdoors. Our boys are great at helping with socializing our puppies. The puppies are introduced to other pets, car rides, new people and much more.
  • Spay/Neuter Contract: All of our pet puppies are sold with a spay/neuter contract. In our written contract, it is specified that the puppy shall be spayed/neutered at the age recommended by your veterinarian but before the puppy reaches one year of age.
  • AKC Limited Registration: All of our pet puppies are sold with an AKC Limited Registration. The puppy is still eligible for AKC events, programs and competition with the exception of conformation and breeding rights.
  • Written Contract and Guarantee: We have a written contract that provides all the information mentioned above as well as a health guarantee. The seller and the buyer will each sign a copy of the contract. With a written contract, everything is in black and white so as time goes by, there is no confusion or misunderstandings for either party .
  • Information Packet: An information packet will be provided with your puppy. It covers a variety of topics and is intended only as a guideline for the new owner.
  • Placement Policy: We reserve the right to place a puppy in the home for which we feel it is best suited. Please note that puppies are usually not ready to leave until they are about 9 weeks of age. A puppy will NOT be held until a deposit has been received.
  • Puppies are not shipped and not placed with people that I have not met face to face.